Amy Patterson Beauty Photographs Makeup Artist Required! “Do you want a make up artist for your portrait session?” When I used to ask a potential client this question, women would answer “No, thanks. I can do my own.” Men would give a look that said having make ... read more
The first "affordable" DSLR camera cost $8,000.00 A brief rant about professional photography This is my first and as far as I am concerned, only rant. This rant began in 1888 when George Eastman invented a disruptive technology—black and white roll film. He made roll film holders for practically every plate camera in ... read more
2856-0486 A spotlit portrait at dusk with mist… My previous post explained the planning and set build for a portrait session with Atlanta musician Jeff Paige. This one deep dives into the rest of the details. Lighting Without question after the planning is finished, every photograph, ultimately, is ... read more
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