John Lewis inside the Al-Farooq mosque, August 17, 2008. Photo by Kevin Ames John Lewis, 1940-2020 Congressman John Lewis who died on Friday, July 17, 2020, at age 80 is what human beings aspire to be. He focused his life on ending racism and pursued it with purpose and humility. Dedication of Al-Farooq Mosque I had … read more
Kevin Ames Photography Portraits with a makeup artist during COVID-19 Making executive portraits during COVID-19 Like others in this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, I am concerned with taking care of those around me. When it comes to providing a safe environment for creating photographs of people, cleanliness, masks and as much physical distancing as … read more
"Diamond Ring Begins" with solar flares Eclipse 2017   Yup. I know. Everyone has heard of it. A lot of people viewed it. Some of us photographed it. A friend of mine and I joined other friends on a just built deck of a not finished house in … read more
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