For three days in mid-July fifteen of Atlanta's most accomplished and eligible singles came through my studio to have their photograhs made for Jezebel magazine's most eligible singles issue. The days were filled with fascinating people sharing loads of energy and telling me about themselves so I could help them be comfortable in front of the camera. Their make up was by authentic beauty's lovely and very talented Alyson Hoag. After the day's shooting, the digital files were imported into Lightroom then Jezebel's producer, the amazing Tova Gelfond and I winnowed down the take to twenty or so for editor-in-chief Beth Weitzman to choose from while on assignment out of the country. The internet makes long distance collaborations a breeze! I shot almost seventeen hundred RAW images.
That's Tova on my left and Alyson on my right. Here I am with eligibles (L-R) Holly Clausen, Lyndsay Wrensen, Jay Watts and Carolyn Sloss at a meet and greet for the participants at Halo Lounge in downtown Atlanta celebrating the issue's release.

Walter Tello JEZ IMG_2361a Walter Tello JEZ IMG_2337a
These photographs are courtesy of Walter Tello of Wally Bear Graphics