In the last post I talked about the set for Jezebel magazine's feature on Atlanta's Most Eligible singles. The floor is gloss black Plexiglas that adds a unique quality that reflects both the subject and the background. Black Plexiglas is a very reflective surface. It's mirror-like qualities really add to the look of a full length portrait. The rule for photographing anything reflective from mirrors to glass to this surface is to show it what you want it to show the camera.
10-2447-0847 Gina 15-2447-1309 Jessica 09-2447-0601 Holly

The background is reflected in the black Plexiglas. When it's dark, reflections of pillows, chairs, shoes and legs are minimal adding just a kiss of interest. A white background makes the black surface appear almost completely white. When photographs could only be made on film and retouching was prohibitively expensive, Plexiglas provided photographers with an horizonless solution whether they used a sweep of background paper or a curved cyc wall.