In talking to other photographers the consensus is that editing one's own work is the hardest job… EVER. In the dark old days of film, hours were spent with a loupe bending over a backlit box staring at individual transparencies and doing one's best to choose "the One." Digital is better and much easier on the back. Editing the smoke photographs is pretty straight forward. In Lightroom 2 I went through each image in the Loupe (E) mode using the right arrow key to move from image to image. Those that caught my eye received a 1 star rating by a quick tap of the 1 key. After finishing I clicked the Attributes button at the top of the grid then clicked on the single star resulting in a view of my initial picks. I repeat the process using 2 stars, then 3 until the pick is winnowed down to not quite a dozen or so puffs of smoke.

A tap on the N key puts Lightroom into Survey mode comparing all of the selects side by side. Hover the cursor over and image and an X appears in the lower right corner. Click it to remove it from the survey.
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