The last couple of posts explored shooting and choosing photographs of smoke. This one deals with playing with the wispy bits in Photoshop. I opened one of the 3 star smoke shots in Photoshop. I duplicated the background layer renaming it "smoke". Then I increased the canvas size of the file (Image > Canvas Size…) to be twice as wide as the original. I duplicated "smoke" and used Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal. Using the Move tool (V) I dragged the copy of "smoke" to the right while holding down the Shift key until the tendrils of that layer meshed with the ones on the left.


Then I push back from the monitor and see what it looks like. Hmm. Do you see a head dress or an exotic, futuristic helmet? I'll just bet this will offer more opportunities to play, with photographs in Lightroom and of course, in Photoshop.