Live Demonstrations

Kevin Ames presents to professional photographic organizations like ASMP and PPA. He also speaks for camera stores, camera clubs as well teaching to small groups. His live demonstration classes begin lecture style supported with easy to understand visuals to present the concepts involved in creating the look for a session. Live demonstrations enhance participants’ learning. The demos features projected tethered captures so everyone sees not only the photograph as it is made, they see the camera settings at the same time. Kevin shows his process oriented shooting workflow in multiple situations. Students see that having a process for lighting and exposure is a solid foundation for making any photograph.

Photographing Beauty

“Photographing Beauty” is a deep dive into all aspects of creating compelling photographs of gorgeous faces. Sigma Pro Kevin Ames reveals his secrets from props, posing and lens selection to the challenges of casting, the importance of great hair and makeup and styling. He shares his lighting diagrams, exposure info, focal length and answers questions from the audience.
Special topics include shooting beauty with long focal length macro lenses, wide angle caricatures and using ring flash.
“Photographing Beauty” is a classroom style talk with live demonstration.

Exposure Tactics

Every photographer’s strategy is to make an inspiring, compelling image that arrests a viewer’s attention. Getting there is where the tactics of exposure come into play. Which settings will assure that the true tones of the subject will be there every time in the final photograph? What is the right aperture to use? Does focus affect exposure? Does focal length? Sigma Pro Kevin Ames answers all of these starting point questions starting with making a great exposure every time. Building on those skills he shows how to achieve photos with perfect color, and exactly where to start in choosing an ISO, the shutter speed and the right aperture. He shares how lenses feed his creativity when he adds them to the tactics of exposure.
“Exposure Tactics” is a classroom style talk with live demonstrations and a hands on workshop.

Electronic Flash for Natural Light Photographers

Electronic flash is available anytime of night or day–indoors or out. It’s all a matter of learning how it works. Sigma Pro Kevin Ames explains how to recognize the qualities of light, how they are created and how to use a light meter to get the correct exposure every time. Shooting tethered with studio electronic light systems during the live demonstration photographs are projected on a screen showing the exposure readings he uses to refine color, contrast and exposure.
Contrast, light quality, lens selection, background control, color correction and refining exposure are covered in his talk and live demo simple tools that work with electronic flash, speedlights, natural light or both together.
Experienced natural light photographers will love this introduction to pro level electronic flash for studio and location lighting.
“Electronic Flash for Natural Light Photographers” is a live demonstration class. There is also a full day  hands on workshop version.

Classroom Presentations

The Art of Creative Seeing

Making compelling photographs is always the goal of artistic lens selection, mastery of exposure and envisioning the final result. Lenses are the light benders that paint the film or sensor with the photographer’s vision. Combine vision with technical skill, and the results become astonishingly predictable as well as beautiful. This presentation by Sigma Pro Kevin Ames shows his career long explorations of light and lenses in the pursuit of making photographs in traditionally “wrong” situations on film and digital. Re-imagining the “rules” by using ultra wide angles for fashion, portrait lenses for product, extra long telephotos for engagement photos and landscapes are some of the challenges he solves in this exploration of the art of innovative seeing through the viewfinder and in the digital world of the computer.
“The Art of Creative Seeing” is a classroom style talk.

Lighting, Lenses & Photography

The world of lenses has lots of buzz words—speed, aperture, focal length, f/stops, optical stabilization, auto focus, chromatic aberration, barrel distortion, wide angle, angle of view, bokeh, macro… the list goes on and on. What does a photographer really need to know about lenses?
Photography literally means “writing with light.” Lenses are the light benders that translate the scene or subject onto the sensor. Sigma Pro Kevin Ames reveals how light combined with exactly the right lens makes all the difference in creating stunning photographs in the studio or on location. Using photographs, diagrams and illustrations Kevin explains focal length, perspective, formats and demystifies the world of lenses. There will be time for questions too.
“Lighting, Lenses & Photography” is a classroom style talk.

Roadwork • Travel Photography

Travel is the opportunity to photograph differently. New places and the people in them refresh the eye. They stimulate vision. They cultivate creativity. Photography on the road is fun, rewarding work. Sigma Pro Kevin Ames loves to travel. Where he goes, his camera goes along. He uses new venue adventures to explore how he sees.
Built on photographs he’s made across the country and around the world, Kevin shares how to shoot on the street, photograph landmarks, make portraits of locals, capture thrilling vistas and intriguing vignettes. He reveals the gear he takes—cameras; DSLR and mirrorless, lenses for both as well as thoughts on tripods not to mention how to carry it all. He shows how he makes the shots providing behind-the-scenes techniques that any traveler can use.
“Roadwork ~ Travel Photography” is a classroom style talk.

Photographing Muses

Lighting, posing and lens selection are three of the keys to portraying photography’s favorite subject—its muse from the very beginning—women.
Lighting is the foundation for the pose. The lens on the camera compresses or expands features; distorts or blurs backgrounds and ultimately realizes the image. Through examples of commercial, fashion, glamour and portrait photography, Sigma Pro Kevin Ames shows how different setups are lit using behind the scenes images and diagrams. He compares poses while explaining what works and why. Which pose is more flattering… one made while taking a deep breath or breathing normally? How can a wide angle lens flatter the figure? What’s a great way to make a female athlete look even more fit and trim? It’s all photography; the camera and lens not Photoshop that makes the difference.
These are only a few of the questions that Kevin offers then shows exactly what to do in each situation. Best of all, there’ll be time for questions and of course answers.
“Photographing Muses” is a classroom style talk. There is also a full day workshop version.

Hands On Workshops

Hands on workshops are true practical experiences in photography. Workshop participants use their own cameras and lenses tethered to their laptops to make photographs under Kevin’s guidance. Some of these workshops can offer loaner lenses from Sigma at no additional cost. The processes of lighting, exposure, post production are practiced in every situation. Attendees are encouraged to interact with models, direct shots and exercise creativity is a safe, it’s-ok-to-make-mistakes environment. Hands on workshops are one to three day events.

Photographing Muses the Workshop

“Photographing Muses the Workshop” is a day long shooting class encompassing lighting, posing, and working with different Sigma lenses. Sigma Pro Kevin Ames leads participants through every step of creating memorable images of models. Participants will learn how light fashions and shapes the body and face. They will learn how to set exposure, use a ColorChecker Passport to set color balance, as well as choosing the lens that will deliver maximum impact.