Along with an amazing group of photographers, digital imaging gurus, educators and photojournalists I am participating in my sixth FotoFusion in their new facility in West Palm Beach, Florida this week.2429-0050a We have put on photo shoots for participants both in the studio and on location.
I had the privilege of conducting the very first class ever in the Centre’s brand new, Dynalite equipped beautiful new studio.
Vincent Versace and I mentored fifteen attendees at an amazing 4 acre garden making photographs of figure studies in nature.
FotoFusion allows participants to experience their choice of instructors for subjects that interest them. Then they can sign up for workshops by the same presenters to help them master their special photographic interest.
Along with the two figure workshops I have presented two hands on computer mini workshops on creating the “Smoke Girl” on the home page of my website
Tomorrow I finish the latest installment of the Digital Photograher’s Notebook for Photoshop User magazine.
I head back to Atlanta on Sunday.
Monday it’s back on Delta for a trip to PhotoAsia in Manilla. Stay tuned…