Tuesday was a travel day to Las Vegas for Photoshop World.
Pre-conferences are on today. I am going to David Ziser’s Wedding Photo Shoot. David is a great photographer and a wonderful instructor. I believe it’s vital for photographers today to learn about as many different aspects of their craft as they can and that for me includes weddings.


Tomorrow evening, at 6:15 to 7:15 I’ll be presenting a completely new class… Retouching Faces Step-By-Step. It features how to set up the Layers stack, skin smoothing techniques, as well as what to do, the order of the steps and why. This portrait of Tania from The Real Housewives of Atlanta is one I’ll be using.
I often get asked why photographs, particularly portraits of people (especially women) have to be retouched at all. Unlike video or movies or real life for that matter, still photographs today are high resolution moments frozen in time that the viewer can study for as long as she or he likes. When watching a movie or television program or even having a conversation we are distracted from imperfections like blemishes or textures in the skin. We simply don’t notice them because we are part of the interaction. Still portraits have no movement or interaction other than what the viewer takes away. No distractions mean that the imperfections draw the eye from the subject. Retouching returns the still photograph to what the viewer would perceive when talking with the person.

After class is the After Hours party at House of Blues!