Photoshop World is always a whirlwind for attendees and instructors alike. Tons of classes to go to, special events, the tech expo and of course connecting with new and old friends. Here is a follow up to the pre-conference I taught along with I wanted the Photographing Fashion pre-conference class to be as close to a shoot in my studio or on location as possible. The team for the shoot were beyond over the top good so I really want to thank NEXT model Virginia Morse, assistant Hugo Carrion, Jim Morton (Director of Education for Dynalite & Comet electronic flash) and Stylist Cheryl Blair for making the session realistic and open. Great photography is all about teamwork The success of a shoot is only as good as the team working together to make the pictures happen.
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Shooting directly into the computer (known as “shooting tethered”) gives almost instant feedback to clients while the digital assistant makes sure the images are sharp, color balanced and properly exposed. Thanks to my assistant Hugo Carrion for the photo on the left.