Last summer I was in Austin walking down 5th Avenue with my friend Dave Metz. Dave suggested we go into Antone’s and listen to some music. We heard a full set of great music from this amazing all girl band. Of course I had my camera with me so I asked if I could shoot the set. They said “Yes!” And the shoot was on. I got some great photos of the ladies that I’ll share later. The point of this post happened after the Bluebonnets left the stage. I was right up front when a couple of really large men helped a frail African American man to the keyboard. He looked down and started to play the blues.


The set was electrifying. Even though I was right there–not ten feet from Pinetop Perkins I couldn’t really tell just how old he was. The music flowing from his fingers was vibrant, energetic and moving. I couldn’t help making photographs. At one point, Pinetop looked right at me as I released the shutter.

Sometimes simply having your camera allows a once in a lifetime photograph to happen.

Legendary Mississippi bluesman Pinetop Perkins died yesterday at the age of 98.

Pinetop Perkins on Wikipedia

Happily, after the set, I made my way to the table where he was selling and autographing his CD’s. Needless to say I bought one.