“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

This 1997 Apple “Think Different” campaign  lays out the company’s own kind of “crazy.” Three years ago they changed the world.

Three years ago today, on a Saturday afternoon my world and yours changed. The doorbell rang at my studio. UPS with a small box I’d been tracking all the way from China. It held my first iPad. The instructions were a single sheet that said “You already know you to use it.”
I bought one because I love to read. Today my iPad has over 300 books, newspapers (WSJ & NYT,) magazines from Time to Esquire to the New Yorker complete with cartoons. It carries maps, sunrise and sunset times for any date past, present or future which are very useful to a photographer. Thanks to my iPad and The Photographer’s Ephemeris photographs like this one of the Fremont Theater is San Louis Obispo, California are easy to schedule.
I like “crazy.”
Fremont Theatre